Services We Offer

We provide academic support for traditionally schooled students both in our office and in your home. We strive to partner students with tutors based upon personalities, learning/teaching styles, subject expertise, and schedules. Our tutoring is not based upon a predetermined program, but rather on the individual needs of your student.

Homework Help


Do you feel like you're losing the homework battle? Let us help. Our tutors come alongside your child to develop executive functioning skills to ensure your child understands the material and can stay organized so that assignments are being completed.


Many families are choosing alternative routes to traditional school. With the rise of online school, your child has the opportunity to have a private teacher. Our tutors are also able to tailor curriculum to fit the needs of your child while meeting state requirements.

Some of our favorite online schools:

Connections Academy

Laurel Springs


Test Prep


Colleges today require ACT or SAT test scores for application into their schools. Preparing for these standardized tests is made simple through our test prep packages. We'll spend time working through practice tests, revisiting key concepts and skills, and going at the appropriate pace that your child needs in order to be successful.