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Why hasn't other tutoring given your child the Advantage?

(Do you feel like you've failed in your previous attempts to provide support for your child?)


    Have you gotten insufficient results from previous tutoring sessions?


    Has the drive been too far or the schedule too rigid?

  • PRICE:

    Did you question wether you were getting your money’s worth from prior tutoring sessions?


    Did your child dread tutoring because their tutor was “weird” or “didn’t teach me?”

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.”

-George Evans



Our tutoring is not based upon a predetermined program, but rather on the individual needs of your student.

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-Schedule an assessment call: We will listen to your goals for your child and recommend an individualized academic plan

-Experience the Advantage: Your child will receive an individualized academic support session.

-Achieve Success: Your child's results will provide affirmation that you gave your child the greatest opportunity to gain knowledge, confidence, and success!

What do parents have to say?

"My son went into his math final feeling confident. He's had other tutors, but you have a unique way of teaching. My son received the highest grade he has ever gotten on a math test after preparing with you!"

-Pleased parent

"I honestly can't stop crying! My son got a 92% on his math final and that is the highest score he has ever received on a final. Thank you so much for everything you've done for him. He's just struggled so much, up until this point. Yet, in such a short time, you have totally turned things around for him."

-Pleased parent